Top 10 Slopes On The Bucket List For Experienced Snowboarders

According to Pat Marotta , a seasoned snowboarder may have a bucket list of ten slopes. These locations can be ideal for riding deep snow or experimenting with new terrain. Several of these locations also feature spas and other pampering amenities for those who tire of the daily grind on the slopes. Whatever your skill level, there is a slope that is appropriate for you. Continue reading to learn about the top ten bucket list slopes for advanced snowboarders. Greenland is another bucket-list destination for many snowboarders. On these slopes, there are no hordes of other skiers. If you're an adventurer, a yacht trip around the coast will reward you with spectacular views of nature and wildlife. You will then be dropped off at the foot of a mountain. Then you'll skin up the paste and descend alone. Japan's Hokkaido - The world's northernmost island is a powder paradise. The islands are home to some of the most unique snow features in the world, including the world-famous